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Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Danceyear 2014

So long time since I have written - seemst like ages. And it is far to long ago. Well, maybe it isn´t strange. Both me and Asta have been very occupied with other things. Asta has been working hard studying and she and her mother have created her own label of clothing called Bella . At the same time she works at a fitnesscenter coaching and training.  She is tough!!

And I have been busy teaching at my school, and working with and for the Icelandic National Dancefederation. I am responsable for the Facebookpage of the Federation since I started it and I have actually quite a lot of fun. I have been surfing around on the web looking for researches on dancesport, for articles and webpages about dancesport. I have been interviewing and videotaping adult dancecouples which was quite a lot of work but very giving.  

Working in the board of the federation means meeting twice a month. At the same time I am in the board of my daughters danceschool Hvönn which also means meetings at least once a month. The school has a busy program with foreign teachers coming over on a reglura basis and right now this weekend they have one of the national coaches of Germany in Latin teaching a seminar. This is quite common in Iceland to have foreign teacher coming to hold seminar and give private lessons. And with the Icelandic National Championships in a 2 weeks  time most dancers are preparing hard for the competition and danceparents are busy getting dancecostumes ready.

Me and Asta look forward to continue blogging together, maybe not as often as we used to do. But certainly after the championships that will be on the 18th  and 19 th of January.There is also a WDSF Open in Latin held on the 19th of January. Have a look at the  homepage if you should be interested
although we know that the same weekend there is a major event - the Manhattan Amateur Classic . Maybe next year we should try to build bridges and see if we can get dancers from Iceland to go to NY and dancers from NY to come to Iceland ;-)
New Years light and blossom to all of you -:)

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